network cable unplugged



i have two computers running win xp.on primary computer i
have two NIC installed one im using for DSL
connection..with other NIC i install a network cable &
directly connects it to the other computer'c NIC...but on
the lan connection icon there is messege "network cable is
unplugged".....i tried to plug out & in several
times....but still it has problem...... i check my NIC &
cable .........& they both working.....i just wants to do
peer to peer networking
plz help me out

thanks in advance




big jon

I am getting the same message and my machine are 100%
pluged in. I have had this lan working for 6 months with
Win2000. I upgraded to XP and now I get this error. The
machine that is shown as unpluged can see files on the
other machine but the main server can not access the other
one. Both machines can get to the internet over the cable
modem file. Have you had any luck in finding a solution?


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