How to update a RIS CD-Image of W2kP SP3 with SP4



Hopefully an easy answer to this one...
have a cd based ris image on the server that has sp3, how can i manually
extract the sp4 files to overwrite that image?

main problem is that i am trying to run a riprep of a pc with w2kp sp4 and
all of our apps on it. but when i run the riprep, it tells me that the image
on the ris server does not match the version of the pc that i am running it
i imagine this is do to the SIS (single instance store).
i have tried typing sp4\i386\update /s:d:\remoteinstall\blahblah\i386, but
get errors like it can't find the dir..

how can this be done?

thanks in advance...jason


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