Missing RIS Images?




I've setup a couple of RIS servers over the past 2 - 3 years, each with out
problems. The last server was on a secondary domain controller, which has
now been removed. So yesterday I tried installing it on a domain member
server. The install went fine, however when I tried booting the client PCs I
kept getting an error
PXE-E53 No boot filename received.
After googling this error I found that you had to enter 2 options in the
DHCP scope (66 boot server & 67 bootfile name). Now I never had to do this
on the other RIS installs, why is it different now? Is it because I'm
running RIS on a member server and not a domain controller?
Anyway after configuring these 2 options I found I could PXE boot and get
the RIS setup running. I have created 3 images, one cd based for windows xp,
one cd based for windows 2000, and one windows 2000 riprep image. However
now the problem is that when I boot into the RIS client setup, I am only
being presented with the 2 cd based images, and not the riprep image. I've
read kb289638 on microsoft, however I don't think this is a HAL problem, the
riprep image was created on a dell optiplex gx200 workstation, and is being
RISed to 2 other Dell optiplex gx200 workstations, and all 3 have been
installed using RIS from riprep images in the past when we has RIS on the
domain controller previously.
Anyone have any ideas why I can't see the riprep image? Could it be a
permissions thing? I'm logging on as the same user as I created the images

Any help much appreciated


Bruce Musgrove

A RIS image will often be hidden when the HAl is different........ Maybe you
Riprep'd the image with a \different HAL? Midproduction run change on the
board? OR (and I have done this) The first one you created the image on had
ACPI turned off in the bios and therefore used a non acpi HAL......

Just a few suggestions........ you can always do a clean install on one of
the problem machines, RipRep it and see what HAL is shows in the SIF file,
then compare it to the original image.....


Hi Bruce,

Thanks for the reply. I think I figured out what it was, there must have
been an error in the SIF file. As all the PCs are identical, and have been
RISed from each other previously, I was 99.9% sure it wasn't a HAL problem.
So I started up sysprep again on another PC and created another image. When
I booted the other PCs the image was visible. Copied the riprep.sif file
from the working image to the non-working image, rebooted the PCs and it was
Strange that it wasn't visible when initially created!




I am getting your original error (PXE-E53) can you tell me what value to put
into the 2 options in the DHCP scope (66 boot server & 67 bootfile name),
Bootfilename requires a specific value....but what?

Thanks if you look at this quite old I know!


Hi Fabrussio,

The values I put in were:
66 - server_name
67 - OSChooser\i386\STARTROM.COM

Hope this helps! Good luck


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