RIS - CD Based Image missing error


Adam Hutcheson

Hi all,

Having an issue with RIS, running on a Windows 2000
Server SP4.

I have followed the directions for slipstreaming a
Service Pack, into Windows 2000 PRO, using a CD based
image first, and then running RISETUP to create the base
RIS image.

This image loads fine. However, when I load this base
image, and install Windows Critical Updates, and then run
RIPREP, I get the error, Missing CD Image. To test this,
I again installed the BASE image of W2K Pro with SP3.
Immediately before attempting to install anything else, I
ran RIPREP. The RIPREP image worked fine. Once I
install Windows Updates however, the whole process fails,
if I try to run RIPREP again, to create a new image.

Any ideas?


NIC Student

Hi Adam,

When you apply the critical updates, if the ntoskrnl.exe version changes
then you will receive the error message about "missing cd..". You can apply
the patches that do not change that file.

After you have applied all the patches that are possible and riprep'd your
image, then you should choose a method to deploy the hotfixes and patches.
There is the GuiRunOnce method:

"The RIS Server to Which You Are Attempting to Post This Installation..."
Error Message When You Use RIPREP

There is the Command.txt method, using QCHAIN:


You can deploy hotfixes using SUS:


We use a combination of SUS and command.txt to get the job done.

a.. Microsoft Windows 2000 Hotfix Installation and Deployment Guide
a.. Microsoft Windows XP Hotfix Installation and Deployment Guide

Scott Baldridge
Windows Server MVP, MCSE

"Adam Hutcheson"

Adam Hutcheson

Thanks for the help. I guess this is only an issue in
Windows 2000 Server?

I know when I ran RIS services on 2003, I did not have
these issues.

I will definitely take a look at that SUS option. I
hadn't heard anything about it.



Any idea where to find the GUID of a pc to set it up in
AD ? I`ve checked the BIOS as well as everywhere on the
pc boxes but can`t find the GUID anywhere ??

NIC Student

Here is a quote from Q298750

The GUID or UUID is a unique 32-character number that is supplied by the
manufacturer of the computer, and is stored in the system basic input/output
system (BIOS) of the computer. This number is written on the case of the
computer, or on the outside of the box that the computer had been shipped
in. If you cannot locate this number, run the system BIOS configuration
utility. The GUID is stored as part of the system BIOS. Contact your OEM for
a VBScript (created with Visual Basic Scripting Edition) that can be used to
prestage newly purchased clients in Active Directory for use with Remote OS

HOW TO: Set Up and Configure Remote Installation Services in Windows 2000

This may help you, depending on what you are doing:

HOWTO: Prestage a RIS Client Computer Using ADSI

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