RIS replication server issue




I followed the MS KB 273594 for RIS server replication
between my win2k3 RIS to win2k RIS.

1) Master RIS server is win2k3
2) Peer Ris server is win2k
3) Master RIS has RISetup and RIPrep Images hosted
4) Copied from win2k3 RemoteInstall\ ... to win2k
RemoteInstall\ ...
5) all the services are running in win2k RIS server
without any errors.

I am getting this error while i am trying to download
RIPrep Image from win2k RIS server
the BINL service can't locate a flat image with a version
that matches the version of the RIPREP image.

thank you for the help


This is because in windows server 2003 we only look at the large version
when comparing ntoskrnl to match up a cd base with a riprep image. Meaning
if the version was 5.1.2600.1106, Windows Server 2003 only looks at the 5.1
and finds a match. Under windows 2000, however, we look at the small
version - or the 1106.

To correct this, you need to apply the fix from the following article:

835264 Error message when you deploy a RIPrep copy of a Windows XP image or

That should fix your issue.


thank you Jonathan for the faster responce.

Win2k RIS server responding to RIPrep images now after
applied the patch.

Now i want to ask basic questions in RIS replication.

There are 4 folders under RemoteInstall
1) Admin
2) OSChooser
3) Setup
4) tmp

to avoid future problems are for right practice on RIS,

I copied Admin & Setup folders from win2k3 RIS to win2k RIS

Does i required to copy OSChooser folder too across the
replication servers?

Does i need to do anything on hidden SIS Common Store
folder across on RIS server for replication?

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