RIS Windows 2003 image crashes at mini-setup wizard



Windows 2003 RIS server

-Built a windows 2003 RIS server with XP PRO. Desktop images, win2k and
win2k3 Flat cd images on server
-Able to pull these images down to desktop and servers without any problem
-Created a windows 2003 server from the flat cd files that are on the RIS
-Added applications and windows update patches to the server and risprep the
image back to the RIS server
1-When I reboot the master that I created it runs the mini-setup wizard and
then reboots, this happens each time you wizard runs.
2-Pulled the image down from the RIS server to another server and it does
the same. Runs the mini-setup wizard and then reboots. It will not get pass
the mini-setup wizard without rebooting.
3-Created another image on a different box, different type of server used a
dell box instead of an HP box, same problem on master and image pulled from
RIS server.
4-I do not have any problem with any other images that is on the RIS server,
this is the first time I am createding Windows 2003 server image on the
server, normally build from the flat CD image that is on the RIS server.

Does anyone know why this is happing, have search internet for post with the
same issue and have only found on that was never answered. I am hoping i will
have better luch here. Need to get this solved


NIC Student

Hmm, I'm not sure I understand all that is happening.

1. It is normal that the master client machine starts and you must go
through the GUI portion of setup after RIPREP because the sids have been
stripped out (ie, sysprep was run).

2. When you RIS the RIPPREP image on to another machine, what part of setup
runs? Just asking for Name, Product Key or what? Does the install finish
if you enter that information?


You are right, it is typical for the master to run the mini-setup wizard
after you run RISPREP against it but this machine keeps rebooting after the
last screen, the prompt for machine name and Admin password. And yes it does
ask for all the other information that you mentioned but the problem is it
keeps rebooting and never comes back up to its normal state. This is the same
for the image that I created from the RIS server. It reboots after the server
name and admin password prompt. There is no error messege before the server
reboots which makes this a little difficult to track down.

NIC Student

Wow. That's unusual enough to make me wonder about the patches that were
applied becasue it coccurs not only with the master but also the "clones".

Can you reimage the server with a cd-based server image and test by
RIPREPing the "master" and see if the problem reoccurs with the "master" and
a new "clone" clients? No patches or hotfixes.

Scott Baldridge
Windows Server MVP, MCSE




Looks like its not the Windows update. I have narrowed it down to a security
lockdown tool templete that is applied to all the servers that we build. I
am still test to be 100% sure but wanted to keep you updated. Will let you
know the final results.


NIC Student

Thanks for the update... always nice to see a conclusion for those who will
be googling later...

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