RIS Server 2003



Are there any tricks to increasing image deployment performance apart from
the obvious. I work at a University and we do have a very fast network !Gig
backbone our RIs server has a 1 GB ethernet connection to the switch.

My risprep image is 3.5GB thats Windows XP SP2 and several apps.
It takes approx 15 minutes to deploy the image. Some may say this is okay
but I was wondering is there any way I can tune RIS or ethernet switches to
may the image deployment faster.

Apart from having multiple RIS servers.

The Microsoft documentation states 70 RISCLIENT deployments per RIS Server.
Well I have tried 5 machines and it took an hour to image 5 machines not so

I have no AV software on the RIS server no other apps.

Any help much appreciated.


When you look at the inf file for the NIC's on the machines you are testing,
are they Gb NIC's, and are they set at full duplex? Often poor performance
with RIS is due to NIC settings at half duplex.

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