RIS Images


Brandon Everhardt

Here is the issue I ran into. I had a RIS server setup in a lab. I have
Windows 2000 Pro sp4 i386 flat added to it. I created a RIS Image and all
was working fine until.....Co Worker decided to test RIS capabilities to
image servers. All he did was add the i386 for Server. Now all my RIS images
kick over to the server setup once I initialize and select any non Server
image. Im sure when he added server to the list of images, even though it
was just the i386, he somehow caused all the images that have been syspreped
or created with RiPrep to point to the server code. I Checked the tmp files
and sure enough they all state the sysprep location is the server I386.

I can provide more info if this is not enough. My concern is that you cant
have server and workstation images on the same RIS server.

Bill Curtis [MSFT]

What images does Active Directory Users and Computers say are installed?
You may just have to go and relink everything to the correct image.

To answer your question: Server and Professional can reside very happily on
one RIS server.

- Bill Curtis [MSFT]
“This posting is provided "AS IS" with no warranties, and confers no

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