Riprep error - no CD-ROM image



Restaged a PC with Win2K SP4 and all current updates. Attempt to use riprep
to copy the image to the RIS server. A message box displays saying that
there is no CD-ROM image on the server. However, there is a flat image on
the RIS server with SP4.

Following KB article 258868, attempt to slipstream the SP4 rollup 1 updates
into the flat image on the RIS server using update /integrate command from
the directory containing the SP4 rollup 1 extracted files. However, this too
fails, with the message saying that the "Extracted packages cannot be
integrated. The integrate switch must be used with the original software
update package."

So, I'm stuck. What's the next step?

I thought riprep should just image what's on the PC without caring what's on
the server, since I'm trying to create a new RIS image anyway...

Any help would be appreciated.




Instructions in KB258868 for slipstream integration do not work (as stated
previously), but those outlined in KB828930 do work for slipstreaming

However, this doesn't solve the problem. After slipstreaming SP4 and SP4
rollup 1 and a new image is created on the RIS server using Risetup. A
subsequent riprep attempt from the client still produces the message that
there is no CD-ROM image on the server.

Further, taking a second PC and booting with PXE disk loads the new image.
However, after installation I ran IE and checked the Microsoft Update site.
Web site cannot determine that SP4 or rollup is installed, so I end up having
to reinstall the service pack anyway. I was trying to avoid having to do the
service pack and IE updates.

What didn't occur in the slipstream image I created? What step(s) were


Build the workstation off the flat image, configure it, then run riprep
against the workstation.


Thanks Nick, but I'm still a bit confused about the slipstreamed image (the
flat image)

After slipstreaming, it should contain the SP4 and rollup 1 updates.
However, after loading this flat image on the client, the Windows Update site
still says that all those updates need done.

By slipstreaming these updates into the flat image, I was hoping to save a
lot of time when staging the clients, yet this is not what I am experiencing.

Thanks for the reply.



I did find a method to allow the Riprep image to be uploaded to the RIS
server, but not an answer as to why the flat image with slipstreamed updates
does not reflect this when used.

To work around the message that says there is no CD-ROM image on the RIS
server, prior to the RIS upload, copy the client's ntoskrnl.exe file to the
I386 directory of the flat image on the RIS server.

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