Stupid RIS SP4 problems


BP Prgm

So I slipstream SP4 into my FLAT image on my RIS server...

well when I go to pull down a RIPREP image, it yells at me for not having a
flat SP3 image.

I thought the whole purpose for having a flat image is so you could
slipstream Service Packs on to the flat image and all RipRep images would be
updated with the new Service Pack.

Instead I had to create a second flat image of SP3 to use all the RipRep SP3

Am I doing something wrong?


Brendon Rogers

You should never slipstream the RIS image already on the server.

The RIS server will need an image for each service pack version you wish to
RIS; our RIS server has a flat image for W2KProSP3 and W2KProSP4.


RIS server & Images setup.

RIS server, if sp3 , then the first RIS image from CD needs to be sp3
sooooo a RIS server with sp3 is giving out sp3 images.
if your going to need a SP4 image for workstation's, the the server must
have sp4.
once you get a RIS server setup with an image of sp4 ( server is running
sp4 )
then you can go back & add a sp3 slipstreamed w2k pro image.
SlipStreaming is always always done with a clean flat image.
if you have a slipstreamed cd with sp3 , you can not slipsteam sp4 to this
if you have a slipstreamed RIS image , leave it be & add a new image thats
slipstreamed or not.

if your going to need sp3 & 4 on RIS server for W2K pro , then server needs
to be sp4.
then after you get the frist sp4 w2k pro image to server, bo back to do the
sp3 image.

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Have a Happy and Safe 4th of july

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