RIPREP doesn't work with xp image



I have installed a RIS server on my AD. I have also
updated the RIPREP to the latest version. I risetup a CD
image of XP and when I try to do the riprep to update it
from a pc on my network I get the error message "Missing
CD Image on Server" The RIS server to which you are
attempting to post this installation does not contain the
correct CD-based image. I;ve tried this about a dozen
times and get the same results. Has anyone else had this
problem and if so how did you solve. Thanks in advance


NIC Student

Your RIPREP image must be the same service pack as the CD-based image (you
can slipstream your CD-based images to include service packs). You can
patch the machine before RIPREP, but the ntoskrnl version must not change.
Check the versions after installing each hotfix and uninstall any that
update ntoskrnl. (patch 811493 for example)

You can install a desired hotfix after RIS is complete by putting it in the
guirunonce section of the .sif for the riprep image, or deploy hotfixes by
using the free SUS server:

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