how clients access application from terminal server



i just have configured window server 2003 enterprise edition as terminal
server in application i wnat to know how clients computers (all win
XP professional)can access application from terminal server.what settings i
have to made on client side.

Vera Noest [MVP]

The short answer is: none.
Just start the Remote Desktop Connection client, type the name of
the server, login and you will get to the desktop on the server.

Long answer: it sounds like you have never worked with a Terminal
server before, so let me add some advice.
Your users will be running on the desktop of the server,
effectively using it as their workstation. They will surf the
Internet, try to download and install applications etc.
If you don't lock down the server, it will very soon be unstable.
So before you let any user in, make sure that you configure your

* use NTFS permissions on the file system of the server to lock
users out of sensitive areas. Normally, the default 2003
permissions are OK, provided you run in native 2003 mode.
* implement a Group Policy to further lock down the server: hide
system drives, disable access to the servers floppy and CD-ROM,
disable access to Windows Installer, disable access to Windows
Update, etc. You can find recommended settings here:
278295 - How to lock down a Windows Server 2003 or Windows 2000
Terminal Server session
* be aware that installing applications on a Terminal Server *must*
be done while the server is in "install" mode. The best way to
ensure this is by typing "change user /install" (without the
quotes) in a command window, then install the application. After
installation, type "change user /execute" to put the server back
into the normal execute mode again.
* users should *not* use the same profile on their XP workstation
and their Terminal Server session. So make sure that you define a
TS-specific profile, recommended is a roaming profile on a network
* once you have locked down the server and tested your
configuration (create a test account!), you can give users access
to the TS by making them members of the local build-in group Remote
Desktop users on the Terminal Server
* you can run for 120 days without a TS Licensing server. After 120
days, you must install and activate a TS Licensing Server. You will
also have to purchase and install TS CALs on it, one for every User
or Device (depending on which type of licenses you buy).

Vera Noest
MCSE, CCEA, Microsoft MVP - Terminal Server
TS troubleshooting:
SQL troubleshooting:
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