Terminal Server implementation



I have a network with 20 Linux client computers. They need to get access to
an accounting application wich does not run on Linux environment. Then I
install the client application in the Terminal Server to allow the users get
access to the application but here is my problem:

Actually they have several xp computers with an ODBC connection on each pc
that provide the access to the user according the odbc mapped.

I need to do this process now that i am going to install a terminal services
but "how may I configure a different ODBC Connection over multiple terminal

I tried it. I configured the application client in the terminal service but
it use the same ODBC Connection to all the terminal sessions.

Thanks comments!


Sorry to answer back until now

So, you're telling me that if a create User DSN on every user's remote
terminal session I will get different ODBC connections on every user session
s!uccessfully ?

May I use scripts to do this process?

Thanks comments!

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