Can terminal server be different from the app server?



I have two servers. I'd like to designate the first one
as the terminal server and configure it in application
mode for clients to connect to. I'd like to set the
SECOND server as the application server and install the

My question: How can the clients run the application on
the second server, while connecting to the first server
via terminal server services?

Is this possible?

My environment is windows 2000 servers and XP clients.

Much appreciated.

Vera Noest [MVP]

If the application is a client-server application, you can install
the client part (front end) on the terminal server, and the server
part (or central application database) on the application server.

If the application can be run from a network drive, you can install
the application on the application server, and create only a shortcut
to the applications main *.exe file on the terminal server.

Regard a terminal server just like a workstation, only for many
users. So if you know how you would install the application in a
traditional setup, with a central file/apåplication server and normal
clients, you can use the same principles for installation on a TS.

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