Excel 2007 crashes way to many times...


Mary Ellis

I am using Excel 2007 working in a workbook that has forms for each census
year. In the form I put the data for the family name that I am researching,
these forms might be several hundred lines to several thousand lines each.
Size of each census year may vary. There is quite a bit of formatting, with
merged cells, rotated text, etc.
Almost every time the sheet crashes the rotated text will go back to
normal.. That is a pain, to have to reformat all that.
Point being, the file itself can get rather large.
Although I don't think that the size of the file has as much to do with the
crashes as the formatting does.
I have had it crash many times since starting this particular workbook.
Usually somewhere it will say something about the amount of formatting done
on the sheet.
Surely having a large file with formatting should not cause the amount of
crashes I get.
Does anyone have any suggestions as how to stop this from happening.

Shane Devenshire


Here are two limits that may be causing your problems

Cell styles in a workbook 4,000
Custom number formats Between 200 and 250

My gues is that it is the first. Reduce the number of different cell
formats, get rid of formatting you really don't need.

If this helps, please click the Yes button

Shane Devenshire

Mary Ellis

Is there a way to count styles on a sheet? And what would constitute a
Custom number format?
Oh, if the headings are all turned at a 90 degree angle and use the same
font and font size. Since there are 32 headings, would that be 32 styles or 1
since they are all alike, except for the size of the cell.


Charles Williams

The 4000 cell format/style limit is for earlier versions of Excel: that
limit for Excel 2007 has been increased to 64000.

The Excel Calculation Site

Mary Ellis

Thanks Charles, with that limit it has to be something else, could I send you
a copy that has crashed several times, maybe if you see it you could spot
something that might cause it.


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