Excel 2007 crashes when trying to select rows/columns



We are running Office 2007 SP2 in our organization. Excel is consistently
crashing when the following steps are followed:
1. In a new Excel workbook, select Sheet1+Sheet2+Sheet3 (using Shift button).
2. Select an entire row or column in the workbook. <Excel crashes at this

Can anyone else reproduce this issue? It is happening on every computer
running Office 2007 SP2. Interestingly enough, it does NOT occur on computers
running the unpatched version of Office 2007.

Simon Murphy

Try opening Excel in safe mode
from the run box on the windows start button type

excel /s /automation

to open Excel 2007 with the minimum of add-ins.

Do you still get the problem?

Check blob>> excel options>> add-ins
do you have any pdf add-ins?
You need to check Excel add-ins and COM ones and turn them all off to
see if its one of them that causing the crash

Excel development website: www.codematic.net

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