Excel 2003 Crash (msvcrt.dll) when closing, saving or opening file



I have never found so hard case to solve so I need all of your help and
ideas. Please - Read carefully, before answering because I have tried so many
different ways to solve this problem already...

We have X301 laptops with Outlook 2007 and Office 2003 (without Outlook and
Onenote) installed. First, I noticed on my test laptop, that whenever I open
Excel File by double click, it causes Excel to crash. Crash information

AppName: excel.exe AppVer: 11.0.8169.0 AppStamp:465f27bd
ModName: msvcrt.dll ModVer: 7.0.2600.2180 ModStamp:41109752
fDebug: 0 Offset: 00037efb

So I made some debugging first:
- The problem only occurs on Excel 2003
- It will crash on File open (double click to icon) and application Exit.
- It wont crash when saving file, opening file (from excel) or closing file.

Then I tried some standard stuff and here's the list that I tried:
(After every step below, I reboot and tested again and it still crashed.)

1) I reinstalled Office SP0
2) I reinstalled SP0 and added SP1
3) I reinstalled SP0 and added SP2
4) I reinstalled SP0 and added SP2 + Hotfix to this problem only
5) I reinstalled SP0 and added SP3
6) I removed all the printers and tried step 1 and step 4 again.
7) Started excel in safe ode on step 2 and step 5...
8) Tried to clean install to another machine
9) Tried different installation methods
10) Deleted user profile and tested with clean profile
11) gave more rights to windows folder and spefied file..
12) Uninstalled almost everything from the machine
13) Shaked my fist against the laptop
14) Cursed IBM drivers.
15) Had "AHAA!" feeling and uninstalled IBM drivers

Nothing - NOTHING - Helps...

I am little bit frustated here. I have spent last 20 hours with this, and
had no luck...


I was little bit skeptic before I opened that link, but hey - I did spent
whole saturday with these computers. :D

However under COM addins section was something that I didn't tried, so I
check my HKLM/software/microsoft/office/excel/addins and found some "send to
bluetooth" from there.

I didn't even try to play with the parameters - I just deleted that I tried
again and it actually works. No more crashing!

So everyon - Just follow the mentioned link, or delete "Send to Bluetooth"
from registry (key mentioned above)... But remember boys and girls - Always
do backup before playing with registry. :D

Thanks again!


Jan Karel Pieterse said:
Hi Peter,

What brand laptop is it you have?

Removing the bluetooth registry key also solved my problem.

I have a Lenovo Thinkpad X200 with XPSP3 and Office 2007SP1


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