Excel 2007 crashes on save



I have an Excel 2007 *.xlsm file I have been using for several months. It has
a customized ribbon. I work on the file both at home (in XP) and at work (in
Windows 7).

Now, in the Windows 7 environment, it crashes repeatedly. The problem began
when I tried to save as a newFileName.xlsm. It refused. I dropped out of
Excel and copy pasted it to a copy of FileName1 and changed it to FileName2.

Now I can open either file but cannot save. Just open the file, do nothing
but hit save and Excel crashes. I certainly seems to me that the save as
triggered something. I have restarted the computer but the problem remains.
How do I fix this?

By the way, in XP a crash at least notifies Microsoft that a crash has
occured (although it does not crash very often) In Windows 7 everything
crashes and no conforting thought of at least Microsoft is collecting
mountains of data on this. Often it doesn't even crash. It just doesn't work.
Is my computer at least sending you data every time it crashes?


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