Excel 2007 - Shared Workbook Crashes When i try to save



I have a 12 sheet excel workbook, each sheet is protected with a password and
the workbook is shared. The workbook is 187Kb in size. There is no macros
just formulas, i have tried several different workbook formats and network
drive or local drive and same problem each time. I have even rebuilt the
workbook from scratch.

Everytime i click save it says excel stopped working, trys to recover then
restarts. It also sometimes crashes when i try to unprotect the workbook.
Doesnt crash everytime but crashes probably 80% of the time and on several
computers. After excel restarts it says "excel found unreadable contect do
you want to recover?" i hit yes then it says " Excel cannot open the file
because the file format or extention is not valid"

Any help on what i should try next would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks, Roy


I think i solved my own question, i had protected the sheets individually and
the workbook with the same password. so i dont know if its the password or
just protecting both but its fixed now i am just protecting the sheets and
sharing the book.

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