Excel 2007 crashes when editing header/footer info




I have a user in my office who on two seperate occasions has received a
workbook with several sheets and links across the sheets. These files were
created in an earlier version of Excel, I think 2003 though they may have
been created in an even earlier version and saved up to 2003.

When the user attempts to edit the footer to add page numbers across the
sheets Excel crashes. The only way the user has found to resolve the issue it
to copy and paste everything into a new workbook, which is time consuming
since there are several links across the various sheets. This only appears to
happen when the users edits the header/footer info, and only in these two
workbooks from the same source.

Has anybody experience this or something similar? Any suggestions how else
to resolve this when it happens?




Thanks Bob. That looks like the best solution. We've run into file corruption
plenty in the past and the copy/paste method always seems to work to resolve
the problem.

Now to convince my associates that this is the best resolution to this issue.

Michael Manning
De facto Systems Administrator

Bob Flanagan said:
Workbook corruption can take all sorts of forms. Try copying all the sheets
to a new workbook while in 2003 and fixing the links there. Then save it
back as the original named file. One thing that is almost a certainty:
corruption gets worse, not better.

Robert Flanagan
Macro Systems
Productivity add-ins and downloadable books on VB macros for Excel

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