Error ID 1053



We have a service (our own) that takes about 3-4 minutes to start (a lot of
processes that have to start). During this time we get the Error message
"Error 1053: The service did not respond to the start or control request in a
timely fashion"
My question is if anyone knows if you can adjust the default timeout time to
extend it so much so you do not receive this message?

George Hester


Go into the Control Panel | Administrative Tools | Services.

Double-click Print Spool. Then look at the Dependencies tab. "Print
Spooler" depends on the RPC service. So now let's go into the registry.
Start | Run | regedit | OK and we'll navigate to:

George Hester


Let's go into the Control Panel | Administrative Tools | Services. Double
click on Print Spooler and look at the Dependencies tab. There you will see
that "Print Spooler" depends on the RPC Service.

So let's go into the registry (Start | Run | regedt32 | OK) and navigate to:


On the right-hand side you will see a REG_MULTI_SZ type for DependOnService.
Double-click that. What you will see is a listing of Services for which the
Print Spooler depends on:

RPCSS in this case.

That is what you want to do for your service. Not necessarily RPCSS but
actually that is a good start. The REG_MULTI_SZ type allows you to have
more than one service your service would depend on listed one under the

The other way of setting a Timeout is a little more involved. That is seen
in this article which you can match up to get an idea.;en-us;317212

But I have always used the DependsOnService which seems to do the trick.

I had an issue of where SQLServerAgent was timing out at boot. But I could
start it manually once I got to the desktop. MS never said anything about a
Timeout. What we figured out is that it depends on BITS. I was never
starting BITS and hence the issue. To make matters more complicated
SQLServerAgent service does not show that dependency. Thus it doesn't have
the DependsOnService entry. It should but it don't.

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