Error 1053 - Cannot Start / Stop any services.



We have aproblem with our domain contoller in that we are unable to back it up.

On investigation I found that although the service in the Services MMC says
it has started, in fact it has not. Nither can we start our Symantec AV,
again in the services it says that they are all started.

When we try to Stop / Restart / Start ANY services it comes back with an:

Could not stop the Windows service name service on Local Computer.
Error 1053: The service did not respond to the start or control request in a
timely fashion.

I have never come across this problem before and was wondering if anyone had
any ideas we could try.

As I say, we are unable to run a virus scan, backup the server or do just
about anything other than access files from the shares.

Many thanks for the help in advance,


Torgeir Bakken \(MVP\)


You haven't by any chance PowerChute 6.x UPS software (APC) installed
on the computer?

If so, upgrade it to v7 or uninstall it.

PowerChute 6.x cases a lot of issues, much more than what is described

PowerChute Business Edition - Customers Using 6.x Must Upgrade to 7.x
due to Java Runtime Environment expiration

This is how you can disable the PowerChute service if you are unable to
uninstall it:

Start Regedit.exe

Locate the key
Set the "Start" value to 4 (means disabled)

Locate the key
Set the "Start" value to 4 (means disabled)

Reboot the computer.



Neil... I was having the same problem.
I know it sounds crazy BUT...
Check out the posts regarding the APC Powerchute software. Apparently some
kind of java certificate is outdated, makes the whole services panel go
Additionally, there is help for remedying the situation, involving changing
the START value of the service in CURRENTCONTROLSET portion of the registry
to 4, which apparently is disabled. Good luck!


Thanks guys for the advice.

It was in fact the Powershute software that was casing the problem.

We disabled it for the moment using the registry settings and the system
works fine.

We are in the process of installing version 7 so hopefuly we should be okay.

Thanks again for the help.



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