DVD +- R and Windows.



Hi all.

I have a Pioneer DVR 106 +-RW. Max rate is 16x (although I never go above 8
for compatibility reasons). Anyway, up until recently, I had no problems
burning DVD (RW, R+, R-).

I burnt a movie last evening onto a Sony DVD+R (rated a 16x, but I burnt at
8x). No errors and nothing reported but success.

I cannot play the DVD on my system, but it works fine on three different DVD
players in my house as well as two neighbors. The specific Windows XP errors
starts as follow: "Windows cannot read from ... Perhaps it was recorded in a
format incompatible..."

I use Pinnacle for most of my work, but for burning DVD movies that need no
editing (such as AVI rips etc), I use ImTOO and Cucusoft AVI converter. I
have the latest versions as of June of this year - never had this issue
prior to last evening.

Both have work flawlessly (as has Pinnacle). All three programs report
successful burns, but I still can't read (play) on my system.

I've tried slowing the burn rate to 2 x (I understand that this is not ideal
and can cause problems), again they work fine on other DVD players.

Finally, I burnt the movies onto a DVD +-RW with absolutely no problems. So,
I then tried Maxell DVD R+- media and the same results. I've tried straight
R+, R- and slower rated DVD media.

So, I then replaced my DVD RW with a new device. Same results.

Now I update Nero to with INcd Still the same problems.

Newest 80 wire IDE cable etc. I mean, I make sure this system has the right

I'm convinced this is a Windows XP thing.

As stated above, I've never had these problems and this multi-media system
has nothing new added at anytime. It's been stable for a long time and I've
never had this problem before.

I would really appreciate any insight that anyone has.





SORRY, let me add a little more info. With regard to DVD media, it doesn't
matter if I burn movies or data. The same result, I cannot read it on my

Now, the same is not true for CD media. Slideshows and data burn just fine
on CD (r- and r+) media. And I can read the media no problems.


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