DVD RW Drive Won't Recognize DVD+R Disc



I have a DVD-RW drive that will recognize CD-R and commercial DVDs
(i.e. movies) but will not recognize DVD+R discs even though they were
burned on that drive. These are data DVDs that I used for backup.
When I put a DVD in, nothing happens but in Windows Explorer the icon
for that drive (F:) turns from a DVD-RW into a CD-RW but still won't
read the disc. I have tried several discs, including blank ones and
it won't respond. Nero is the program that was used to burn the

I have service pack 2. My OS had to be reinstalled a few months ago
due to a virus. Don't know if that has anything to do with it. I
don't look at these discs often or burn discs often so I'm not sure
when this started happening. The drive is a Sony DVD RW DRU 810A.




Do you have a CD drive, too? See what happens if you disconnect the CD"s
Possibly a conflict between the two.


using windows explorer right click on that drive and go to properties and
select recording and check the enable cd burning on this device, mine for
some reason also deselected itself.

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