Cannot install Fax Services

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I really hope someone can help me out on this one.

-Windows 2000 SBS Shared fax
-15 windows xp pro SP2 using shared fax for years now with no problem
-One workstation now will not install Fax Services no matter what I
-I have tried the hotfix, repairing the security database, basically
all the David Murphy solutions
-Still will not install (even though it says it does) Fax Services
-Still cannot install Shared Fax Printer either by direct connection
or through the Active Directory.
-I got my hair cut yesterday, short so I would quit pulling it out!

I am stumped. Stumped, Stumped, Stumped, Stumped, Stumped, Stumped,!

I don't like to lose and this is driving me and the accountant using
that workstation nuts.!

Thanks bunches in advance!

Harold Kuppers

Russ Valentine [MVP-Outlook]

Did you try an SBS group? That would seem to be the logical venue for this
issue. I doubt the end user XP fax group will be able to help. That's what
the hotfix and security database repair are for.

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