Blue screen while installing XP


Kishor Bhalerao

I wiped my drive and put in my WinXP Professional CD and booted up. Windows
copied over the files to start up and right after it said "setup is starting
windows, BOOM. I come up to a blue screen error that I am not used to
handling. It is:

Stop: 0x0000007E (0xc0000005, 0xf76440bf, 0xf7a90208, oxf7a8ff08)

pci.sys - address f76440bf base at f763d000, date stamp 3b7d855c

I've tried this 4 times and it keeps going the same way.



Andrew E.

"Wiped my hd & put in xp cd,then booted up". Specific actions as to what
you did at those times would help...When installing xp from xp cd,set xp cd
as 1st boot device,hd 2nd in BIOS,boot to xp cd,select install xp,new
the partition(s),create one,then let xp format & install auto...

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