Installation Problem - BSOD

I have been asked to do a clean WinXP install onto an Acer Aspire laptop by a
friend. The machine was running a pre installed version of Vista basic but
struggling, probably due to only having 512mb of ram. So I fdisk it and
remove all partitions, create a new primay one and try to install WinXP. It
boots up and goes through the installing various files etc, then it kicks in
a BSOD, with the following error codes :

STOP: 0x0000007E (0xC0000005, 0xF854A0BF, 0xF8996208, 0xF8995F08)

pci.sys - Address F854A0BF base at F8543000. Datestamp 3b7d855c

I have googled this and can't find any help, most of the stuff I come across
seems to suggest something that requires me to boot into XP first.
I have also tried formatting the drive by attaching it to my main PC, still
I get this error. I even went as far as putting this drive into my Sony
laptop and installing XP onto it, with no problem, and swapping it into the
Acer when complete, I then got a different BSOD, I tried safe mode but got
another BSOD halfway through. So I have now foormatted it once more and even
tried to install Win98 onto it to start but this gives me other problems(not
So I am seriously struggling now as my friend is asking about it and when it
will be done.
So can anyone help or suggest where else I may find help?


Thanks for the info guys, mainly thanks to Leonard for his link. I have now
got it up and running and the problem was *I think* the fact that the machine
was built with Vista installed, i.e all the parts are not necessarily able to
work with WinXP. It was the slipstreaming of SP2 into WinXP that was the
winning move, I had read about it the night before my original post but it
had not worked, my fault for not burning it in bootable format, Nero did not
help me either TBH by not offering "Burning ROM" as an option when I burnt
it. (Nero 8 hides this as default and you have to add it manually to use it)

Anyway for Jb's info...try following this link about slipstreaming ---> if you have not
tried this already. It is easy to follow and I hope it helps you and other
people too.

P.S. Had trouble slipstreaming with Autostreamer so I used the Nlite
program, although the link for Nlite on the page I linked to above didn't
work for me, a quick google will find it for you.

Good luck.

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