STOP: 0x0000007E when booting from XP CD



I installed a new motherboard on my kids computer and am trying to do a clean
install of XP. When I boot from the XP installation CD I get the following

*** STOP: 0x0000007E (OxCOOOOOO5,OxF853E0BF,0xF898A208,0xf8989F08)

*** PCI.SYS Address F853E0BF Base ATF8537000, Date Stamp 3b7d855c

Any suggestions? The motherboard I purchased was refurbished, could it be
the problem?





"STOP 0x0000007E" error message after you upgrade to Windows XP

If this issue occurs after the first restart during Windows Setup, or after Setup is
finished, the computer may not have sufficient hard disk space to run Windows.
• If this issue occurs after the first restart during Windows Setup, or after Setup
is complete, the computer BIOS may be incompatible with Windows.
• Incompatible video adapter drivers.
• Damaged RAM.
• A damaged device driver or system service.

If you are not loading any third-party drivers during installation and it is a clean
install (no files on the hard drive whatsoever), then the driver options mentioned
above are not the issue....leaving possible hardware incompatibility such as the
BIOS and RAM, or a problem with the motherboard, as possible causes.

However, see the thread linked below, on the Dell forums, with the same exact error
you are getting:

Install of XP Pro fails with Stop 0x0000007E on Dimension 9100

Particularly see the resolution on the second page, involving making a slipstreamed
CD with SP2 added:

Are you using an XP SP2 disc to install, or an older XP Gold or SP1 disc?
Is this a clean install on a formatted hard drive with nothing at all on it?


Thanks Glee

Actually did the slipstream for SP2 after I posted and it worked. I am in
good shape now. Thanks


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