Anti-Virus Programs to use

Dec 27, 2007
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hello everyone i Advise all Members who download any programs from the likes of limewire or utorrent to Scan the programs with the anti virus such as Spybot or AVG and any other anti virus programs that are avaliable also i advise that you scan because so that there are no Viruses and if you dont scan your pc then you will end up getting lots of viruses from the programs that you have downloaded such as the Trojan Horse and The Worm Virus and many other viruses. i downloaded a program from Limewire and forgot to scan and end up getting a virus on my pc and it made my pc very slow and pop ups kept on coming on my pc but when i downloaded the Avg Free it got rid of the Virus on my pc and my pc was back to normal thanks to the Avg. i thought i would make this thread for members who havent got any type of protection on their pc such as Spybot or AVG. here are lots of Anti-virus programs to Download which are Free and will protect your pc from nasty,Horrible Viruses that you might get these are for all members to download if they need the programs. I ADVISE you to Scan all programs you download from limewire etc...........

THERE ARE A FEW LINKS THAT WILL HELP which are Anti-Virus and are Free to download and will protect your PC>>>>>>

Free Software Downloads and Software Reviews -

The home of Spybot-S&D!

Free antivirus - avast! 4 Home Edition Download

AVG Free Advisor - Free antivirus and anti-spyware downloads

Freeware removal and protection downloads

Download Comodo BOClean Anti-Malware

Spyware Doctor - Best Spyware Removal. Free Trial Download.

as i said these are all free anti virus programs to download so Beware of the Viruses if you dont scan anything or get rid of anything
if you know anymore anti virus programs that are not here then feel free to tell me and i will add them on this thread thanks hope all of these sites help

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Dec 29, 2007
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I personally use:

Anti-Virus: Norton Internet Security 2005 (built-in firewall)

Anti-Spywares: Ad-Aware 2007 Free Edition

I stopped downloading two years ago and never had any problems with Norton except when I only had 512 MB RAM lol. I have 1.5 GB now and it runs smooth. For all of those who hate Norton, I suggest you read this review I wrote on my website:


It's basically a good and bad review.


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