XP SP2, Remote Assistance - Permission Denied


Mark \(MCP\)

Remote Assistance problem...

I set up my wife's Windows XP Home Edition SP2 computer with Remote
Assistance enabled. On my computer running Windows XP Professional SP2 I
cannot connect to her computer through Remote Assistance. I received
"Permission denied" message. Try to connect to the LAN IP address
(192.168.x.x) and NetBIOS name (pcname) without success. This used to work
and now I cannot connect to her computer. I've been using VNC, but I prefer
to use Remote Assistance.

Any suggestions?

Mark \(MCP\)

To get Remote Assistance to connect ... the XP Home user had to create and
send an invitiation (via e-mail or Windows Messenger) to the XP Pro user and
establish the connection. The XP Home user had to answer a couple of
prompts, however, Remote Assistance did work as I expected. I just wanted
to find a way to automatically connect to the XP Home computer via Remote
Assistance without the XP Home user not needing to do anything.

In this scenario... VNC Free Edition
(http://www.realvnc.com/products/free/4.1/download.html) seems like the
right method to use.

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