WLM Auto playing of voice clips not working

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Watcher of the Skies

I have a strange problem,

Windows Live Messenger 2009 Build 14.0.8089.726
Installed on:-
Acer Laptop - XP Home 2002 SP3 (Norton 360) (WiFi)
Advent Netbook - XP Home 2002 SP3 (Norton 360) (WiFi)
Compaq Laptop - XP Pro 2002 SP2 (no AV) (Wired)
Home Built tower - XP Home 2002 SP3 (Norton 360) (Wired)
connected to:-
Virgin Media 10Mbps cable connection (cable modem - not STB), ActionTech
WiFi router, 5-way 10/100 Ethernet Router

On just one of my hotmail accounts (it is a hotmail.com domain), I cannot
get received voice clips to play automatically - I always need to click on
"Play/stop" in the message window to hear them. I have checked the box in
the options section "Play voice clips automatically when they are received".
I have tried un-checking it and checking it again - I have tried signing out
and in again between checkings.

When I sign in using a different ID (a hotmail.co.uk domain) it works

This happens whichever comp I use. The XP Pro machine has a clean WLM
install on it - not upgraded from older versions. So I think its an issue
with my hotmail.com account and not an issue with WLM or its config or PC

Any help will be greatly appreciated


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