windows update ~ADMINISTRATORS ONLY~



hi, i am running on win2000 but have upgraded from Windows 98
on windows update a get ADIMINISTRATORS ONLY, while i'm the only
administrator in my computer and the only user too (no other user accounts)
i cant upgrade to a SP2, and every time i try to onstall adobe acrobat
reader or some other programs i get Administrators only fom the windows

can somebody help


[email protected]

Administrators Only" Error Message When You Try to Use the Windows Update
Web Site with Windows 2000View products that this article applies to.
This article was previously published under Q324513 <- this didnt solve my
problem either


this is my windows update.log to C:\Program Files\WindowsUpdate\V4
2003-11-01 19:21:40 18:21:40 Success IUCTL Shutting down
2003-11-06 17:47:44 16:47:44 Success IUCTL Starting
2003-11-06 17:47:45 16:47:45 Success IUCTL Downloaded from to C:\Program Files\WindowsUpdate\V4
2003-11-06 18:29:09 17:29:09 Success IUCTL Downloaded from to C:\Program Files\WindowsUpdate\V4


Ok, first question is why/how are you trying to upgrade to SP2?? The latest
service pack is SP4 and that is the only one you can download from MS.
As for being the administrator on the box, how do you know? Right click My
Computer and click Manage. Then expand Local Users & Groups. Is your user
in the administrators group? Check NTFS and Share permissions on all drives
and shares and make sure administrators group has full control permissions.

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