SP4 - WU, VS.NET, MSDN not working -> MSXML


Luis Angel


I've successfully installed windows 2000 SP4, but now there are a lot of
things that are not working, and I think all of them are related to the
MSXML library.

Windows Update: It fails with a (0x8007007E) error message. This
is what my "Windows Update.Log" file says:
2003-07-09 08:22:15 06:22:15 Success IUCTL
2003-07-09 08:22:17 06:22:17 Success IUCTL
iuident.cab from
http://windowsupdate.microsoft.com/v4/ to C:\Archivos de
2003-07-09 08:22:18 06:22:18 Success IUCTL
iuengine.dll version: 5.4.3630.2554
2003-07-09 08:22:18 06:22:18 Success IUCTL
Current iuctl.dll
version: 5.4.3630.2554
2003-07-09 08:22:18 06:22:18 Success IUENGINE
2003-07-09 08:22:19 06:22:19 Success IUCTL
Windows Update Web
Site has a valid address:

2003-07-09 08:22:19 06:22:19 Error IUENGINE
Determining machine
configuration (Error 0x8007007E: No se puede
encontrar el módulo

Visual Studio.NET 2003: It gives me this error message:
Microsoft Development Environment
No se pudo cargar Visual Studio .NET porque no está
disponible el archivo MSXML3.DLL.
Consulte el artículo Q306905 de Knowledge Base, en
la dirección http://support.microsoft.com
para obtener más información.

MSDN library left tree: It fails again with a javascript message
Line: 922
Car: 9
Error: The automation server can't create object
Code: 0
Of course, the source code at this line is: var
objXMLDoc = new ActiveXObject("Microsoft.XMLDOM");

So definetily I think the error is related to the MSXML component.

Does someone know how to solve this, or what other tests can I do to
get more specific information?

Thanks in advance,

Luis Angel

Hi again,

I've already solved the problem. I don't know why, but the SP4
installation removes/uninstalls/whatever the existent MSXML 3 component from
the computer, and theese non working applications need this version (and not
the actual 4 !!??).

So the solution is so simply as reinstall this version. If someone
is getting the same problem it can be downloaded from:

Hope this helps to someone,

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