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My video camera saves to .Mod format
I have looked at all the files using Windows Media Player
I decided to edit these files to make into DVD
After using a program (Magix Movie Edit Pro Plus 14 Plus) to edit I can no
longer view .Mod files using Windows Media Player
I am sure changed some default in Windows Media Player but can't find what
needs to be reset
I am using Windows Vista Home Edition
Thank you for your help

Jack Leach


Sounds like the editing program you installed re-registered the filtype as
one of it's own instead of media player. Try this:

-> Control Panel
-> Default Programs
-> Associated Filetypes & Protocols...
Search the file list for .Mod and change the OpenWith to Windows Media Player.

That may not be the answer but it would be the first place I'd check.


Jack Leach

Or I could be misunderstanding and WMP plays other .Mod files fine, except
the ones that you edit. If that's the case, there seems to be an issue with
the edting program outputting the .Mod format correctly. You can take a look
at some other formats it may have (some programs post more/less stable files
with different outputs), or contact the editing software mfg.

Jack Leach

"I haven't failed, I've found ten thousand ways that don't work."
-Thomas Edison (1847-1931)


I can take a .mod or .mpg file and load it into WMP
WMP loads and is running but only shows regular but no video just black
Looks like is running but no video.
This now happens with any .mpg or .mod file staight from camera never been
Where before I used the edit program, I could view any of these files.
I have set the default to WMP but if want to view have to use other program
such as Nero
I think the Magix program changed some thing in WMP
Is there a way to reload WMP to get back to defaults

Jack Leach

This is odd. I could easily see an edited file not playing in WMP if the
program has some minor fault in the way it saves the format, but to have it
spread to files directly off your camera is a bit of an issue.

I know that avi files are decompressed when played, and theres tons of
different codecs (compess/decompress directives) out there, but I'm not sure
if mpg or mod files require this also (I would assume some sort, if not
called a codec). Anyway the avi codecs are an application to run them apart
from WMP, so if the Magix program happened to gain some control during
installation (entirely conceivable if I'm on track so far <g>), they may have
altered a setting with some of this data.

This seems to make a little sense, being that a blank screen with the
progress meter moving (and everything else working, including sound
occasionally), is a pretty common codec error.

This is about the extent of my knowledge on the subject (and that's
stretching it pretty far). I would conslut the Media branch of the newsgroup
to see if anyone more involved with this type of stuff may be able to offer a

You can try uninstalling and reinstalling WMP (can this be done in Vista?
used to be able to in XP under Add/Remove Programs - Uninstall Windows
Components). There's a pretty good chance that an install of WMP will
correct whatever might be slightly off.

Hopefully this isn't too far off track from where the problem lies...

Jack Leach

"I haven't failed, I've found ten thousand ways that don't work."
-Thomas Edison (1847-1931)


Hi Lloyd,

So now you can view those files in a software DVD player? You may need to
download some codec for your Windows Media Player. If you would like to
retrieve the original status when you can view those mod files, you can try
a system restore. All Programs->Accessories->System Tools->System Restore,
and then choose a restore point older than 5 days. There you will see the
restore point vista created before you installed Magix Movie Edit Pro. You
may like to ensure you have all the important files backed up before the
restoration too.

I have a link about how to deal with Mod files here for more reference if
you would like to dig it.


daeser1 said:
Ever since I got Windows Vista 64 bit it's been nothing but problems.
Can anyone answer either of the following questions:
1) Are there any Video Editing programs that work with Windows vista 64

2) Are there any Video Cameras that work on (and have drivers for)
Windows Vista 64 bit?
I have plenty of money down for this project (music video), but I can't
seem to find the right tools. Anyone??

I have 2 Sony and 1 Olympus video cam, one of which is 6 years old, and
Vista 64 immediately recognized them. I use Windows Movie Maker to edit and
convert to mpg.


Vista should automatically recognize your camera. If not, go the the
manufacturers website and d/l Vista 64 drivers. Install the drivers first,
reboot, then plug the camera in. USB or Firewire? Not that that really
makes much of a difference.


daeser1 said:
I went to the manufacturer and they aren't making any Vista 64 bit
drivers for the particular type of video camera I have. It does how ever
have a memory slot. Is it possible to transfer video through a the
memory stick?

Sure is.

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