Windows media player



When I take videos with my web cam and I play it back in Windows Media
Player there is no sound. Windows Media Player will play other sounds but
not from my web cam. Logitech told my that I had some codes that were
missing in Windows media player because I sent them a video and it played
just fine on their Windows Media player. Anyone know how I might be able to
solve this problem?

Gene E. Bloch

Hello Golden,
Take a look at the file your trying to play back, make a note of the
file type, then do a web search for a codecs pack that contains the type
of file you have, download and install, this should cure your problem.
Hope this helps, good luck and post your results.

There's a free download gspot that will analyze a video file and tell you
(the OP), inter alia, what codecs it needs (i.e., both audio & video,

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