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Media player in Vista continues to play sound even after you close it. You
have to press stop first and then close media player. In the same way, when
you open a media clip, it will only play ot's sound while media player
doesn't open. You will have to open m.p manually to see the video which was
playing on the background somewhere without showing. Is this normal for
Vista? I haven't found any configuration for this. Can it be resolved?

Jason Freeman

First, I would ask you if you have Windows Media Player set to minimize to
your taskbar. If you do, that might explain why the media file continues
playing even after you have apparently "closed" the program. This is a
feature, not a bug.

Second, if you are absolutely certain that the program is closed, have you
updated the drivers for your computer?



1) I have minimize to taskbar enabled but while the sound is playing, M.P is
not minimized to taskbar. It is completely closed. The same when I open a
media file.
2) Update drivers for which device? I can't imagine which device's drivers
would affect this behaviour.


Right-click on your Taskbar. You'll see "Toolbars".
Uncheck Windows Media Player.

There is a thread here about this very same problem,
I believe doing the above is what fixed it.


* Andreas:


Yes, I found it in the meantime and fixed it with this procedure. So, it was
also relevant to minimise to taskbar.


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