Windows Mail's Message Recovery



I recently recently purchased a ne laptop. The old system ran Vista Business,
the new system running Vista Premium. I exported my messages to a file and
copied it to the new machine. I then used import to install all messages to
Windows mail on new machines. I went through all messages setting up new
mail message rules. Now, every time I open Win Mail the messages are
recovered again, and again, and again!

What do I do to stop Message Recovery re loading messages?




Thanks Dave,

As suggested, I tried repairing the message database with WMutil but it made
no difference.
I have now found, that although emals are downloaded from the mail server
and listed in the messages window giving Sender's Nsme, Subject, Date and
Message Size, when an email is selected, all I get is the error message
"Message cannot be found, The contents of this message cannot be found."

So, Although downloading messages, I cant read any messages.

If you have any further recommendation, it would be greatly appreciated.


Gary VanderMolen

It sounds like you have a severely corrupted message database, beyond
the ability of WMUtil to fix it.

There is a rather laborious way of resetting Windows Mail. Follow this procedure:
Scroll down to the section "PROBLEM TWO: How to Backup and Reset
Windows Mail"

Frankly, you'd be much better off to simply upgrade to Windows Live Mail:

As part of its initial run, Windows Live Mail will import any Windows Mail
messages it finds, so it may recover some or all of the corrupted ones.

Steve Cochran

It sounds as if you have antivirus software deleting the messages from the
message store without doing anything to the database and so you have a
mismatch due to that. You can't fix it without excluding the message store
from the antivirus program.



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