Message Store Folders Deleted



Working with Windows Live Mail, I foolishly changed the directory for
it's message store to the location where my Vista Windows Mail is
kept. Although WLM said the folder wasn't empty and refused to
proceed, I find that most of the folders got deleted. I have
remaining only:

Local Folders

If I create a new message store location and use Windows Mail to
import, I get only empty Local Folders.

Any ideas on recovery other than the long shot of some kind of
undelete program? My most recent backup is some four months old.

PA Bear [MS MVP]

You'll find support for Windows Live Mail (WLMail) in this public newsgroup:

Steve Cochran

You can search or Explore the local folders directory for eml files that are
the messages and see if they are still there. If so then you can drag them
from Explorer and drop them into WinMail or WLM folders. If not, then I
suspect you are out of luck. System restore might help, but it might make
things worse. Next time backup first.


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