windows mails problem



I have created many folders in my inbox. I regularly take back-up of my
mails in external hard disk. Recently I had to do system recover due to
virus problem and lost all my mails. I imported mails from my external hard
disk along with all the folders intact.

Since yesterday I am facing a weird problem. 2 of my folders are acting
funnily. If I click any mail in one folder, I see same matter for all the
mails although I can see different subjects for each mail.

For other folder if I click any mail I see following message -

Message could not be displayed
Windows Mail encountered an unexpected problem while displaying this
message. Check your computer for low memory or low disk space and try again.

Can anyone guide how to sort out these 2 problems ?


Peter Foldes

You created folders in your Inbox ? Why? You should have created new folders outside
of your Inbox. Something goes wrong like with what is happening to you at present is
to be expected.


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