windows mail does not show the message recieved in the folder for



Dear sir/madam,

in one of my folders in windows mail i had about 17 messages.problems i am
facing in vista are:

1] i cannot see the mail text in one of my folders, cannot transfer it to
another folder , cannot delete it,cannot open the attachment to this mail .
it only reads message could not be displayed, windows mail encountered
unexpected problem while displaying this mail , check your computer for low
memory or low disk do i correct it??? when i close windows mail it
says do you want to compact messages??? i always say no because i am worried
it will delete or transfer my mails in the windows mail folders to another
location which i may not be able to find.

can someone tell me what to do??

best regards



Your problem is difficult to understand without you being more explicit. ie
which folder contains the unknown message?

Very often e-mails with no text and just an attachment are SPAM (Adverts or
virus laden rubbish). This is particularly likely if you do not recognise the
name of the sender.

Don't open it, just delete it and forget about it.

If it was important the sender will resend it.

Gary VanderMolen

This problem is often caused by running a non-compatible antivirus
program. Windows Mail seems is overly sensitive to corruption
from antivirus programs, and is definitely incompatible with most
McAfee and Norton antivirus programs. If you are using either
of those latter two, it is best to uninstall them and replace with a
more compatible antivirus, such as the free version of Avast:

Gary VanderMolen

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