Windows XP Windows Explorer not responding - slow file properties on right click

Jun 15, 2005
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I have the following setup at home : Multiple Windows XP workstations, a LAN Switch, a Windows 2003 Server (Enterprise Edition) - All up to date with latest service packs, etc. Norton Internet Security is running on all workstations and Norton Antivirus Server Edition is running on the Server.

When right-clicking a file stored within a server share (using a mapped drive from a workstation), attempting to display the file properties, it hangs and waits for a long period of time (usually minutes) before displaying the results. Displaying directories and files alone is fast, it is just when displaying the file properties that it is very slow. This problem doesn't happen on the local PC against any files on itself. It also doesn't happen displaying other files shares located on other networked PCs on the LAN ... just against files located on the file server.
Standalone Hard Drive files display = Fast
PC to PC shared files display = Fast
PC to Server shared files display = Slow

When this "properties display" delay is occurring, if you check on the running process status (using ctl-alt-del) it says "Windows File Explorer not responding". After several minutes (sometimes as long as 10) the properties are finally displayed and the Windows Explorer status then returns to 'normal'.

Has anyone else had a similar problem like what is described above?
I would love to know what is causing this and how to fix it.
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