Can't delete file

Nov 1, 2018
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I have a .jp2 file on my D drive, an internal drive where I keep documents instead of on the C drive in My Documents on Windows 10.
I know it is not malware. It is a certificate of completion that was downloaded by my daughter some time ago.

I tried deleting it with Windows Explorer, but it causes Windows Explorer to lock up and I have to use Task Manager to restart Windows Explorer.
I opened it in XnView and tried to delete it, and it also becomes Not Responding and I have to kill it with Windows Explorer.
I was able to edit it and save over it in Photoshop, but I still could not delete it or change the file name or extension.

I tried Properties > Security and tried to changed permissions to Allow, but again it becomes Not Responding.

I know that there are free utilities out there that say they will allow deletion of locked files, but am hesitant to download any without knowing that they are reliable.
Can anybody recommend a utility that they have used successfully?
Jan 4, 2003
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Have you tried File Assassin?

Step 1 Once you have downloaded FileASSASIN, open the program by double-clicking on its icon. The main interface of the program looks like as shown below:

Use FileASSASIN to force delete a folder

Step 2 Now click on the browse icon (rectangular shaped icon with three dots adjacent to blank space) to select the files you want to delete.

select and delete files that cannot be deleted

Step 3 Browse for the file you want to delete and then double click on it to select it. Once you have select the file to be deleted, click on the box adjacent to the "Delete file" option to select it. A blue tick indicates that the option has been selected.

click the Delete file option

Step 4 Finally click on the "Execute" option to delete the file. Your file will now be deleted.

Execute to delete Undeletable Files

Be careful

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