Panasonic cf-29 boot from CD

Jun 13, 2021
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I got a panasonic cf-29 from a friend it had windows xp so i bought a widows xp pro recovery restore repair and reinstall when i go to load the disk it don't show the option to boot from disk went in to bios and set it to boot from cd it went as far as to where it ask me to install or recovery console or exit set up but that's all won't go any farther so went to the recovery console to format the drive but it comes up autofmt.exe could not be located in ether the startup directory or cd rom drive so then tryed chkdsk /c: get the same tryed a few other commands that i found over the net but nothings seem to be working when trying to delete a partition i get setup is unable to perform the requested operation on the selected partition. This partition contains temporary setup files that are required to complete the installation tryed doing the last working configuration nothing tryed safemode nothing been messing with it for 2 weeks now off and on really could use the help can take screen shots if need be

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