Windows XP help with xp repair install stalling

Oct 1, 2014
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Dear techies/moderators,

I need your help. I've a complicated problem. My laptop doesn't print the letters c and d, this is fine with me for now.( I'm printing them by copying these 2 letters from a browser, pasting it somewhere and pasting it as necessary ). Unable to afford a new laptop right now. No, this is not what I'm posting here for. :)

I had to write this to let you know that I can't type "chkdsk" in recovery console ! ( I know ! ). And, seems like it can't be pasted from somewhere on the recovery console.

So my laptop has crashed.Unable to boot after the windows xp logo.Not able to log onto safe mode even.

After win xp logo screen, it just gives a black screen with a cursor blinking on the top left corner.

So I had a ubuntu live cd made few yrs ago and using it, I'm able to see the hard drive contents, even copied them to an ext hard drive. memtest ran fine.

I even took it to a hardware store for them to see if there's any hardware problem. They said all the hardware is great. Probably it's a software problem.

So I tried the Repair Install of the existing installation with the win xp CD that came with my laptop.

I set up the boot order to CD drive first, then hard drive.

After I choose the R option to repair existing installation, it copies files, it asks for me to reboot to finish the installation or it does it automatically after few secs, then I get the press any key to boot from cd...I do nothing so it has to proceed to hard drive and continue the installation from there, but no, it just gives the same cursor blinking.

I tried to read the ntbtlog.txt file ( reading another post from your site, thank you guys ) - it says a bunch of drivers fail to load mostly like Intel Processor, Audio codecs, Video Codecs etc. What does this have to do with booting or finishing a repair install ?

boot.ini, and ntldr files are great.I somehow have a .bak files for every windows/system32/drivers when they were in great working condition.

I don't want to opt for a fresh install before I know there's no way for me to repair the existing installation. Also I'm afraid if the fresh install also does the same thing, then I have a blank hard disk and if in future my ext hard drive has a virus, then I lose all data.

Can you please help me ?

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