Windows XP Embedded Cloning - 2 Partitions Display

Aug 17, 2016
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This is regarding a windows xp embedded that I need to clone a display's - Compact Flash Card and and use it in another display.

Basically, the Elevators have display inside them. These displays are programmed. The building has around 6 elevators and has 6 displays in different elevators But three of them got damaged due to short circuit.

Basically, what I need is the display's which are working fine has a CF - Compact Flash Card in them. I used Power ISO, Win32 disk Imager, USM Image tool...all of these tools to create an image of this CF card. An image was created - these displays run on Windows XP embedded and has another software of the Elvator which is running inside this windows XP Embedded system.

I had cloned the CF card, and it booted well on the another CF card - but I have problem. If you see the picture - named " 1". I opened up the image through Power ISO but on opening I get two - Primary FAT16 and the other is Extended FAT32. How can I copy both of these into a single CF card. On Cloning this image file to the CF card using Power ISO - it does ask me which one do you want to copy is it the Primary FAT16 or Extended FAT32. While using USB image tool it doesnt ask anything but on checking the cloned disk - it doesnt have the Extended FAT32.

While I opened the Extended FAT 32 - it has theimportant files for installation as shown in Image named "3".

Since I am beginner - could some one help me in solving this out. Basically the display is programmed in such a way that on inserting the CF card to the display, and on giving the power supply - the unit starts the usual booting screen of windows xp embedded and a software auto starts after the boot which I feel in the Extended Partition and it runs and shows the graphical images to be shown in the display. These graphical images are programmed images which shows the Elevator floors, when the Elevator reach each floors, which is why I need the program in the Extended Partionned also to run while carrying out the cloning.

I dont know what I am doing wrong, because after cloning of the CF card the windows XP embedded starts up,but the on check "My computer" the extended partition is not available and also the software doesnt auto start at all - in which the display shows a normal windows screen.

Could someone help me in cloning the CF card, so that it boots windows xp embedded and also the software too. The CF card has two partitions which I do not know how to do too.


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