CF boot issue

Apr 21, 2015
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Hello All,
I am relatively new with XPe, so please bear with me. I have an issue getting my XPe image to run.

My current development system contains a SATA drive and CF. My boot settings are: Advanced\IDE Configuration\Legacy IDE Channels = SATA Pri, PATA Sec.

The SATA drive - contains Target Designer, component designer, etc. Once I create the image, I copy it into the CF. Shutdown the system, disconnect the SATA drive and restart the system. FBA completes succesfully and I have a working system.

However, on my production system I will not be having the SATA drive - so, if I update my boot settings to
Advanced\IDE Configuration\Legacy IDE Channels = PATA only, the CF fails to boot up - it goes into a continuous reboot loop

While creating the image do I need to explicitly state that the IDE Channel is PATA only? I have tried updating the boot records before and after FBA - in either case, it goes into a continuous reboot loop.

Any suggestions.

Thank you for your time,

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