Compact Flash Boot Problem


Todd H


I have a System with XP Pro (C:) and XPe on a SATA drive. I also have a
Compact Flash with XPe on it. My boot.ini file for XP Pro has 3 boot options:
- XP Pro (Primary Partition on SATA drive) - NTFS
- XP Embedded (Secondary Partition on SATA drive) - NTFS
- XP Embedded (Compact Flash) - NTFS

They all work. When I disconnect my SATA drive I need to boot from my
Compact Flash but all I get is a blinking cursor after POST - almost like the
CF is not bootable. I think the partition is active. I move the CF to first
in my BIOS boot order. I think I have all the correct files in hte root
directory of my Compact Flash. I can boot from my CF when I am directed to do
so by the boot.ini on my SATA drive. I formatted my CF on the same platform
under XP Pro (on my C:) drive.

Why can I not boot off my Compact Flash directly?


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