Windows Defender won't initialize



When I start computer, I get a Windows Defender box that says "Application
failed to initialize 0X800106ba." Clicking on Windows Defender in the Start
menu gives the same box. Only thing new on computer is McAfee antivirus
program, which was installed yesterday. Restarting computer doesn't solve

Bill Sanderson

This error is caused by McAfee. See whether you can disable real-time
protection in McAfee. If you can spot how to do that, see whether Defender
will then start. If it will, go to tools, options, scroll to the bottom,
and uncheck "use the program." Then you can enable real-time protection
again, and all should be well.

You can also check McAfee's support resources--they should have an article
on how to fix this message--there are several ways to do it.


The only way to solve the problem is to completely uninstall McAfee. Then
restart your computer. Then go to Windows Defender and shut it off. On
Windows Defender toolbar go to "tools, options," and then scroll all the way
to bottom of page where Administrator options are and uncheck "Use Windows
Defender". Then click "save". Once its off go to McAfee and install it
again. This is the solution that worked for me.

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