Windows Defender 0x80106ba



Every time I start the computer or try and run Windows Defender program I get
an error message that reads:

"Application failed to initialize 0x800106ba. A problem caused this
program's service to stop. To start the service, restart your computer or
search Help and Support for how to start a service manually."

I have tried all the above and also tried downloading the program again
which I can't do as it tells me I don't need to as the program is already in
Windows Vista and stops download.

Can anyone assist me please?


I have since read all the other posts re 0x800106ba (apologies for not doing
so earlier) and it appears I need to call 1-866 pcsafety. Thanks.

Don Carlson

Just curious, did you go to Control Panel and remove WD before going out and redownloading the most current?

Guy Martin

I'm having same problem. Defender does not show up when I go to Control
Panel and see programs installed, but I see it when I search on defender.
How do I unistall it if I can't see it in Control Panel programs? Thanks.

Bill Sanderson

That is indeed discouraging. You should probably call back on the same
ticket and ask to be referred to a higher level--this one is not hard.

What is happening is that other anti-malware software on your system has
failed to properly disable Windows Defender.

This happens with both some Symantec and some McAfee products, and perhaps
others as well.

You can use the Services.msc management tool to change the startup type for
Windows Defender to "disabled" and that will make this error go away.

Please resist the temptation to make other changes to services--you probably
won't irreparably damage Windows, but you may create a difficult
troubleshooting scenario at some later time when unforeseen consequences


I have a similar problem. I did a clean install of Visit Business 64 after
formating the partition. Defender fails to launch --same error as others
posted. Since this was a clean install there is no other virus or spyware
protection installed. I've tried the phone number but that isn't helping. I
did set the service to
'disable". Any other suggetions?

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