Windows Defender will not turn on.



Hello, Windows Defender has not started for quite a while now and I'm
concerned there may be someething wrong. When I start Defender it says that
it is turned off, and when I click "Turn on and open Windows Defender" it
says that it has encountered an error and returns this: "Windows Defender
encountered an error: 0x800705b4. This operation returned because the timeout
period expired."

I also have Windows Live One Care, so I'm not sure if this could be a
I'm running Vista.

Bill Sanderson

Bill - what you are seeing is indeed caused by Windows Live OneCare.

This is normal--nothing to worry about. Once Windows Live OneCare's
subscription runs out, if you should choose Microsoft Security Essentials,
the same thing will happen.

Both products (and those of many third parties, including some from AVG,
Symantec/Norton, and McAfee) disable Windows Defender because they include
like functionality.


Will following these instructions help me to get Windows Defender up and going?

Hmm.. As I read, it seems that following these instructions will allow
Windows Update to operate without interfering with Windows Defender? (is
this a correct assumption?) I'm not sure which of these options I should go
with -- I'm looking for Windows Defender to operate and it's not mentioned.

Thanks for the speedy reply.

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